No sex in the city

Im sitting at home on a friday night with my sister (roomate 1), and my girlfriend (roomate 2) and we are chatting about our lame night. We are three single women in our late 20’s early 30’s and yet here we were home together complaining about the lack of dick/men in our lives. Seriously though! We are not ugly women at all and we are all hard workers (to a fault). So why is it that we are dateless on a friday night?  

Ill tell you why…because we are each one of us broken someway or another from a previous relationship. This is a sad situation. We have let another person control our ways of thinking and thus far still single. Its not for a lack of trying. Trust me, we have been on the prowl.

As women we walk, talk and think about sex just as much as men do. But with our age and the way we were raised we wont just sleep with any Tom, Dick and Harry. And that, my friends, has created a problem. We are horney and looking at each other isnt helping the situation.

Where when we get sex in the city instead of sexless in the city?


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