The not so joys of parenting

Im a single mother to a bi-racial two year old little boy.  As he is my first, and probably only, child I am learning new lessons in life everyday.  My son is a typical two year old with a not so typical attitude.  He is about to be kicked out to preschool for beating up the other kids. Yes hes the bully of the group. Needless to say I am learning how to raise a boy to be a man and im totally clueless. 

We are in the potty training period of his life and all I can say is this shit is for the birds! At night my son wears a pull up. Well last night after I tucked him in bed I was sitting outside enjoying the weather, and all I hear is my roomate screaming oh my god. This is NEVER a good sign.  My wonderful son had shit in his pant and proceeded to paint his self with it. OHHH YEA.. and you know at this age his shit smells as bad as a grown adults. I thought I was gonna puke as the smell hit my nose. My poor child had no idea what he did wrong. He was just trying to tell mommy that he needed it changed. 

So as I sat there bathing him and cleaning the walls in his room and all his toys (yes he put it on EVERYTHING) im pondering how in the hell can I make his father pay! His dad is in jail and hasnt been around much in the past couple of years. Ive found myself getting bitter that im having to do this alone. Doesnt he know how hard it is to raise a child? Thats where my lessons come in. I should have never had a child with a man who was irresponsible and narcissistic. 

We live and we learn….

Do we?

Or do make the same mistakes over and over again?


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