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ladies night and its a zzzzzingy conversation

Its ladies night in this household. As ive said before theres three of us women in this house and my other sister is visiting so its adirty talk kinda of night.

After a couple of drinks and lowered inhibitions my roomate Winter has a look on her face as if she needs to get something off her chest.  She says, “ladies have you ever fucked a man?”  We all look at each other thinking of course we’ve had sex with a man… Winter says, “no have u ever had a man ask you to use a strap-on on him?” 

WHOA! Every single one of us had our chins to the floor.  Now I am by no means prude. At all.. and Im all for trying new things, but come on thats a little too much for me.  If a man wants me to give it to him in the ass then I assume he is in the closet and doesn’t really want a woman. Especially when hes bringing the fucking dildo to you and asking for it. 

My roomates and I typically date black men. So for this to come out about a guy she was dating really shocked us. This man had been around us and acted like he was worlds gift to women. He thought he was the man and little did he know we would laugh at him behind his back.

Back to the conversation, all of us ladies agreed that if he had instructions and brought what he needed then hes an undercover brother. We’ve all had our occasional finger in the behind moments and maybe a little tossing his salad but to acually fuck the man? No we all agreed thats where we draw the line in the sand.

Are we a society to which we will always have to wonder if the man we are sleeping with is sleeping with other men? Or WANTS to sleep with other men?

Being single sucks! Sometimes its great 

Being single sucks! Getting laid is hard